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Hi everyone this is my first post and I really need to find a support group in the Ivanhoe area. My ten year who has a fear of blood and needles was diagnosed on the 9th of August 2010. We spent 3 days in hospital and then we were sent home with very little support. The only support we seem to have is a diabetes Educator who appears very overworked and struggles to return phone calls and our brief clinic appointments where they seem to be able to upset my son in record time. I am managing his insulin and his BGL are within target 90% of the time however we could really use some emotional support as he is just not coping.


We found it extremely traumatic to go through twice day, and sometimes it would take 5-10 mins of me coaxing him for me to inject him. Luckily we live in Brisbane, so are under the are of a major hospital, and with that comes all the extra services e.g. social worker/psychiatrist. We had lots of sessions with the psychiastrist, and also had a caring and empathetic educator. Enventually he empowered himself to self-inject, and he will now do it without fuss - although he is terrified of needles from Drs etc.

Hi Catdog. It's tough. Joseph, diagnosed at age 11, is coming up to his first D anniversary on Thursday. Like you we found the whole D thing overwhelming initially - and Joseph had no fear of blood/injections - so can only imagine how difficult it is for you. We live reasonably close to you so am happy to be an ear if you need it, and for your son to talk to mine if you think it might help. I am not sure of the protocol for sharing phone numbers/email addresses through the forum but am sure someone will help us and then you can get in touch personally if you so choose. Hang in there; know that lots of us have been exactly where you are and this is a fantastic place for finding understanding ears. Hope to hear from you soon,


I feel for you. My son was diagnosed in april of this year, and had to have happy gas just to get some blood out for a true diagnosis. We had nothing but the best treatment and information at Geelong hospital. We are in constant contact with our educator and paediatrician. If ever you wish to talk, just drop me an email. It does get better....

How have you gone with finding a support group? i used to live in Ivanhoe well before my son was diagnosed with diabetes, so i know the area. i sometimes go along to a support group that is based around Mitcham, called "D-Kids". The meetings generally are informal BYO picnics and are sometimes held up at Ruffey Lake Park in Doncaster so a bit closer to where you live. i live in Heathmont now but would be happy to come and meet you for a coffee somewhere if you are interested?

When my daughter was diagnosed at age 2, I worked for a further 8 months before I had to give it up. Every time the phone rang at work I was afraid it was the child care centre calling because she was low & 'floppy'- it actually happened once & I bolted to child care to find her indeed 'floppy'- she recovered of course after juice/biscuits- but I didnt. I was so nervous when at work. I was lucky enough to be in a position where I could give it up- although we had to tighten our belts & ended up with 2 credit cards! 3 years on and she is about to start school next year- however I am told I will need to be available if the person responsible for her is away/ill etc & for all excursions. So I guess no work for me, at least not until she can manage it herself. On the plus side I worked with my eldest so was never a 'stay at home mum', I enjoy my time with my daughter as a 'stay at home mum' who still attends child care 2 days a week. I also found much greater control of her diabetes when I was there constantly to moniter her. Rather than have 4 different people care for her the 4 days I used to work!